Anissa is one of those women that just loves brutal anal punishment. She has a perfect body with giant natural tits on a petite, flexible frame. She comes to the armory for an interview with Donna and before she knows it finds herself bound and hooded in a cage where she is made to service 5 cocks while her nipples are painfully clamped around the bars, preventing her from moving. Once she is let out her tits are bound tightly and oiled up and everyone takes turns fucking all of her perfect holes providing her with the brutal anal punishment she craves. She is stuffed airtight then tied down again with her legs held wide open so her pussy can get filled with cum! Strict bondage, rough sex, creampie in bondage, dp, and more!!!

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You know, when it cums to beautiful women that crave brutal anal punishment, you do not want to miss seeing Miss Ashley in action. If you aren't familiar with her work, you will see that she looks like the innocent little girl from next door. The thing is, she is one of the biggest pain sluts to ever grace the Internet. Remember that looks are deceiving, and if you have learned anything from watching her shoots, it's that she is far from innocent. Her masochism is so extreme that we offer you a warning that this video is not for the weak of heart. Things get started with her standing with her hands pulled high above her head and leather belts to restrict movement and make her helpless. The Pope enters and begins cover her flesh with clothespins. all of them are meticulously placed in every sensitive area of her skin. He then takes this brutality to the next level by flogging them off of her until she almost collapse from the pain. Next this brutal anal punishment whore is placed in the throne of suffering and locked into place with steel traps. Her head is covered so that her sight is taken away. Another leather belt is added to immobilize her head, then the suffering begins again. Her body is subjected to multiple forms of brutal torment; floggers, canes, whips, etc. In the final scene, Ashley is spread out on the floor in the most helpless position known to man. Don't let the simplicity of the bondage fool you; it is impossible to escape and every inch of her flesh is exposed and she has no way of stopping The Pope from terrorizing her. He controls every last thing about her including her breath. Nothing happens unless he permits it and now her orgasms will be what he drains from her in a squirting mess all over the floor.

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Mandy is a hot piece of ass that loves nothing more than being subjected to some pretty brutal anal punishment. So when she breaks up with her stupid boyfriend, she’s in tears. Luckily, her good friend Chanel Preston arrives to celebrate Mandy’s newly found freedom, and open her up to the possibility of a new and better relationship. When Mandy spills that her boyfriend never used or abused her gorgeous ass, Chanel is shocked! She handcuffs Mandy and spanks her friend’s juicy ass until it’s nice and red. In between giggles, Mandy moans with pleasure as her ass endures some brutal punishment, being spanked, flogged, and finger-banged by her best friend. Chanel loves watching Mandy squirm as she fingers Mandy’s pussy and ass at the same time. Then Chanel makes Mandy spread her legs and masturbate in front of her. Mandy comes hard as Chanel flogs her cute tits. Next, Mandy is suspended in rope bondage, with all her holes exposed. Mandy takes Chanel’s beautiful feet into her mouth — licking and sucking on them like a sloppy slut. Once satisfied, Chanel spins Mandy around and has Mandy lick her pussy until she comes all over her best friend’s face. Then Chanel makes Mandy worship her asshole while she comes over and over. Now it’s Mandy’s turn to get fucked! Chanel teases Mandy’s pussy with her toes, before plunging a dick-on-a-stick deep in Mandy’s wet cunt. Mandy begs to come as Chanel fucks her and teases her pussy with a vibrator. The fucking continues as Chanel works to ensure Mandy forgets all about her bad past relationships. Mandy is gagged, her wrists tied to her ankles, and positioned face down with her ass in the air. Chanel fucks both Mandy’s pussy and ass with her strap-on cock. Chanel does an excellent job of providing Mandy with the kind of brutal anal punishment she craves. Mandy comes hard and forgets all about her loser boyfriend as her best friend fucks her and paddles her voluptuous ass. What are friends for?

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A couple of petty thieves end up getting much more than they bargained for. They enter the store looking to swipe some sex toys but end up suffering some brutal anal punishment instead when they get caught with a butt plug. Because they are too intimidated to ask for help, these two shop lifters are taught a painful lesson when Mona catches them with the hot butt plug. As part of their brutal anal punishment, assholes are gaped wide open and the petty thieves are forced to do mouth to ass on each other. Not only do these two get the five finger discount they sought in the first place, but they even get the full fist. One of the girls gets spread wide open with a brutal looking speculum so that you can look deep into her pretty pink asshole. The girls suffer painful spankings, ass to mouth, anal fisting along with a hard lesbian anal fucking with a strap on! And if this isn’t enough for you, take a look right here for even more hardcore BDSM!

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I will bet that you haven’t seen a brutal anal punishment slut quite like Amara in a long time! This bitch is insane! She’s a kept slave in the basement until one day she gets to play a little game of chase and if she can get away without getting caught, the dirty gangbang whore gets all the fucking cock she could ever hope to handle!! Not only does Amara get to enjoy some brutal anal punishment, but hardcore bondage, rough double penetration, deep fisting, filthy wet blowbang, multiple cocks filling her holes relentlessly until she covered head to toe with sweat and loads of cum!

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