Shop Lifters Pay With Brutal Anal Punishment

A couple of petty thieves end up getting much more than they bargained for. They enter the store looking to swipe some sex toys but end up suffering some brutal anal punishment instead when they get caught with a butt plug. Because they are too intimidated to ask for help, these two shop lifters are taught a painful lesson when Mona catches them with the hot butt plug. As part of their brutal anal punishment, assholes are gaped wide open and the petty thieves are forced to do mouth to ass on each other. Not only do these two get the five finger discount they sought in the first place, but they even get the full fist. One of the girls gets spread wide open with a brutal looking speculum so that you can look deep into her pretty pink asshole. The girls suffer painful spankings, ass to mouth, anal fisting along with a hard lesbian anal fucking with a strap on! And if this isn't enough for you, take a look right here for even more hardcore BDSM!

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